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Following the path outlined by the Cornell Seven, another group of African American men made history on the campus of Georgia State University. In 1968, the 342nd House of Alpha was the first Black Greek Lettered Organization to be chartered on a predominantly white campus in the state of Georgia.



Amidst the racial tension indicative of the late 60’s, Zeta Mu’s chapter founders John Burton, Adam Ford, Willie Jackson, Carl Manson, David Rivers, George Thomas, and Thomas Tiller brought the vision of racial uplift and service to Georgia State University on Thursday, August 8, 1968.



The Zeta Mu Chapter is no stranger to setting the trend. The first national winner of the Fraternity’s Miss Black and Gold Pageant, Denise Smith, has her home here at Zeta Mu.



In the tradition of our Chapter Founders and our Fraternity, the brothers of Zeta Mu continue to set the stage to this day. Leading the way in informative student programming, and campus and community involvement, our chapter was the recipient of the 2005-2006 Dean’s Cup award, becoming the first NPHC organization to be recognized Georgia State University’s Chapter of the Year. With the ideals of the Fraternity guiding our actions, Zeta Mu Chapter will continue to uphold the aims of the Brotherhood as we deepen our mark on Georgia State University and the Greater Atlanta Community.



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